YNP Gallery

Here are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken in and around Yellowstone National Park.




Grizzly 815 with Three COY


Snow Backlit in October


Grizzly Mom and Cub on the Road in Hayden Valley


Grizzly Peeking through the Trees


Grizzly Family at the Lamar River


815 with Her 3 COY


First 2018 Grizzly Sighting




Eleven Wapitis on Alert


Two Wapitis Near a Bison Carcass


1228F after Crossing Soda Butte Creek


8 Mile Alpha Male in the Snow


Four Wapiti Wolves in March


Black Wolf Running in Wet Grass


Wapiti Alphas on a Bison Carcass


Two Wapiti Wolves in March


Five Wapitis on a Bison Carcass


1228F at the Edge of Soda Butte Creek 4×3


Thirteen Wapiti Wolves




Frosty January Landscape in Lamar Valley


Sunrise on Mammoth Springs Tree


Grand Prismatic Springs from Above


Lower Yellowstone Falls B&W Portrait


Fall Color Near Soda Butte


Frozen Branches in Lamar Valley


Sunrise Close-up of Lower Yellowstone Falls


Old Faithful BW


Twin Frosty Trees Landscape in Lamar Valley


Grand Prismatic Spring July Close-up


Cottonwoods on Foggy Frosty Morning in Lamar Valley




Badger Mom with Kit in Lamar Valley


Badger Mom with Dinner


Badger Near Lamar River Trail


Badger Resting on a Dirt Pile




Bighorn Sheep Buddies at Confluence


Bighorn Sheep January Portrait




Great Gray Owl by Icebox Canyon


Coyote Challenging Bald Eagle at Deer Carcass


Great Gray Owl in Hayden Valley


Osprey on the Hunt in Lamar Valley


Bald Eagle Taking Flight in Lamar Valley


Great Gray Owl in Flight


Young Bald Eagle Perched on a Log




Baby Bison with Mom


December Bison Portrait


Baby Bison Head Butt


Bison Owning the Road




Black Bear COY Peeking Out of a Tree


Black Bear Crossing the Road by Warm Creek


Cinnamon Black Bear Cubs Climbing a Tree


Bear Cubs Emerging from the Den


Black Bear Mom Resting with Her Cub




Coyote Howl


Coyote Resting in the Snow


Coyote Walking with a Squirrel


Coyote Howling in April Snow


Coyote Eating a Rodent in the Snow




Bull Elk Locking Antlers in the Snow


Elk Crossing the Madison River


Yellowstone Elk Locking Horns




Red Fox Napping in March Snow


Young Red Fox on Alert


Fox Mousing in the Snow


Fox Feeding on Elk Carcass


Red Fox Licking Its Chops in December Snow


Two Fox Siblings Playing in the Grass




Moose Grazing on Frozen Willows 4×6


Moose Calf Walking by Jill and Greg’s


Bull Moose Grazing on Frozen Willows in RP


Early Sun on Moose Mom with Calf


Two Moose Showing Off on the Road


Moose Calf in Our Side Yard


Bull Moose Crossing Soda Butte Creek


Bull Moose Walking in December Snow


Moose Mom and Yearling at Warm Springs


Bull Moose Grazing on Willows at RP


Bull Moose Profile at Lower Barronette




Two Otter Buddies at the Lamar River


River Otter Mom Eating a Fish


River Otter Playing in Ice and Snow


Three Otters Running in the Snow


Otter Laying on Icy Riverbank




Pine Marten in a Tree


Young PM in a Snowy Tree


Pine Marten on a Tree Branch




Ermine Behind a Log


Weasel by Jill and Greg’s Driveway


Weasel Close-up by Shed


Ermine Emerging from Underneath a Log