YNP Gallery

Here are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken in and around Yellowstone National Park.


Grizzly Bear 815 with Her 3 COY


Baby Bison Head Butt


Badger Mom Returning with Dinner


Bald Eagle Taking Flight in Lamar Valley


Bull Elk Locking Antlers in the Snow


Bull Moose Crossing Soda Butte Creek


Coyote Howl


Eleven Wapitis on Alert


December Bison Portrait


Fox Mousing in the Snow


Elk Crossing the Madison River


Frozen January Fog in Lamar Valley


Great Gray Owl in Flight


Grizzly 815 with Three Coy


Young Bald Eagle Perched on a Log


Moose Grazing on Frozen Willows


Old Faithful in B&W


Four Wapiti Wolves in March


Sunrise on Mammoth Springs Tree


Moose Mom and Yearling at Warm Springs


River Otter Playing in Ice and Snow


Red Fox Napping in March Snow


Frost-covered Tree in Lamar Valley


Grizzly Mom and Cub on the Road in Hayden Valley


Wapiti Alphas on a Bison Carcass