Yellowstone in October

Watching a grizzly bear charge straight at you is a unique experience.  It’s particularly unforgettable when you’re watching through a 600mm lens, making the bear look close enough to touch. On the first… Continue reading

Yellowstone in September

September rushed by in a pleasant flash. At the beginning of the month I decided to visit Bechler, an area of Yellowstone I’d never seen before.  Tucked into the relatively remote southwestern edge… Continue reading

Yellowstone in August

August was a slow month in the park for me.  The crowds were crazy, I had poor luck finding wildlife, and I’m burned out on all the driving.  As a result I just… Continue reading

Yellowstone in June and July

My dad almost never says a negative word about anything or anyone.  It’s pretty remarkable, really.  If you press him for an opinion about something he doesn’t like (e.g., broccoli), the worst he’ll… Continue reading

Supai, Arizona and Zion National Park, Utah

Marie and I spent the first week of June revisiting two of our favorite places. First up:  one of the most remote towns in the American West.  Supai, Arizona, the capital of the… Continue reading

Yellowstone in May

Bears, bears, and more bears – in May the park was as full of bears as I’ve ever seen it.  I must have spotted at least one grizzly or black bear every time… Continue reading

Yellowstone in April

The relativity of time is fascinating.  I’m not saying I contemplate Einstein as I wander around Yellowstone, but I’m always amazed at how dramatically my perception of time fluctuates on a day-to-day, month-to-month,… Continue reading

Yellowstone in March

Sometimes I have to remind myself how special it is to see wild wolves in the contiguous United States.  There aren’t many left – fewer than 6,000, according to recent estimates.  And the… Continue reading

Yellowstone in February

On my last day visiting Marie in Mountain View we woke up early to catch sunrise from my favorite spot in Sausalito.  It made me happily nostalgic to revisit one of my old… Continue reading

Yellowstone in January

Winter in Yellowstone is more fun than I expected. The weather can be challenging at times, no question.  But in return the park is liberated from the stifling crowds of summer, and a… Continue reading