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Kruger National Park, South Africa

The final leg of my seven-week loop around southern Africa was a quick trip to Kruger National Park.  We left Johannesburg early in the morning and arrived at the park in time for… Continue reading

From Cape Town, South Africa to Sossusvlei, Namibia

I can’t say I enjoyed the 34 hours and three flights it took me to get from San Francisco to Cape Town, but a few inspiring moments eclipsed the standard indignities and discomforts… Continue reading

Cape Town, South Africa

Arriving in a new city is always interesting.  Arriving in Cape Town at 10:30 on the night U2 happens to be playing the city’s biggest concert in years was especially interesting.  The Baz… Continue reading

Knysna and Mossel Bay, South Africa

With a yacht club, boutique stores, and expensive hillside houses overlooking a beautiful blue bay, Knysna reminded me of Sausalito, California.  Maybe that was the problem.  Everything felt so familiar it was boring. … Continue reading

Port Elizabeth and Storms River, South Africa

All the South Africans I’ve met have given the same advice about their country:  don’t miss the Garden Route, a stretch of coastline between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth that encompasses some of… Continue reading

Johannesburg and Kruger National Park, South Africa

Arriving in South Africa was a shock to my system.  An extensive network of paved, well-maintained roads?  An uninterrupted supply of electricity, 24 hours a day?  Excellent English spoken by almost everyone?  Lots… Continue reading