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El Chalten, Argentina

El Chalten is a tiny town.  You can walk from one end to the other in 15 minutes.  And yet – thanks to its location at the base of an incredibly scenic mountain… Continue reading

Torres del Paine, Chile, Part 2

The worst part about sleeping in dorm rooms?  All the snoring.  In a six-person dorm you’re almost guaranteed to have at least two heavy snorers.  And I didn’t pack ear plugs.  By the… Continue reading

Torres del Paine, Chile, Part 1

It’s kind of fun to have no idea where I’m going next. With almost two months before the next sure thing on my calendar (a visit to Denver in December), I had plenty… Continue reading

From Denver, Colorado to Mountain View, California

It’s always great to spend time at my parents’ place in Denver.  For almost two weeks I hung out with my family, ate unbeatable mom-cooked food, caught up on photos, and was generally… Continue reading

From Mountain View, California to Aspen, Colorado

Alaska left me pretty beat, but after a couple of great weeks at Marie’s place in Mountain View I was recharged and ready for another roadtrip – this time to meet some of… Continue reading

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado

My first visit to White Sands National Monument was just five months ago, but I liked it so much I wanted to return as soon as possible.  This time I planned to camp… Continue reading

Monument Valley, Arizona and the Bisti Wilderness, New Mexico

There may be no landscape more visually iconic of the American West than Monument Valley.  A partial list of movies filmed there:  Stagecoach (1939), The Searchers (1956), Easy Rider (1968), Forrest Gump (1994),… Continue reading

Zion National Park, Utah and Page, Arizona

From Death Valley I drove straight to Zion National Park.  For most of the year Zion blocks private cars from the valley, but the road is open in February and I enjoyed being… Continue reading

Sand Dunes Power Rankings

Thought I’d try something different this post…  Sand dunes are one of my favorite things to photograph, and I’ve been fortunate enough to walk on some of the most amazing dune fields in the… Continue reading

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon and Washington, Part 2

My second day at the Columbia River Gorge started with another drive across the Bridge of the Gods.  I was heading to Panther Creek Falls, a little-known but strikingly beautiful waterfall tucked away… Continue reading