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Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Utah

After almost two months in Africa it felt great to relax at Marie’s place in Mountain View before hitting the road again.  I wasn’t sure when I’d make another long overseas expedition, but… Continue reading

From Denver, Colorado to Mountain View, California

It’s always great to spend time at my parents’ place in Denver.  For almost two weeks I hung out with my family, ate unbeatable mom-cooked food, caught up on photos, and was generally… Continue reading

From Mountain View, California to Aspen, Colorado

Alaska left me pretty beat, but after a couple of great weeks at Marie’s place in Mountain View I was recharged and ready for another roadtrip – this time to meet some of… Continue reading

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

My flight from Mongolia back to the US was long but happily uneventful, and after a great week with my family in Denver I drove to Marie’s place in Mountain View.  My only… Continue reading

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado

My first visit to White Sands National Monument was just five months ago, but I liked it so much I wanted to return as soon as possible.  This time I planned to camp… Continue reading

San Francisco, California and Denver, Colorado

After a really nice holiday break, what a strange feeling to not be going back to work.  Rain storms have been drenching the Bay Area, and I’ve been reading the “Rain Turns Morning… Continue reading

Denver, Colorado

Originally I’d planned to camp a night at Great Sand Dunes National Park before driving to Denver to spend Labor Day weekend with my family, but a quick look at the stormy forecast… Continue reading

Denver, Colorado and Prairie Village, Kansas

“Any weapons or alcohol?” asked the U.S. Customs agent.  When I said no he just waved me through.  It took no longer than five seconds.  A single male arrives from Colombia after spending… Continue reading

Denver, Colorado

My sister Kathleen lives in Denver with her husband Antony, their daughter Susan and dog Max, and Susan’s new hamster Nibbles.  Kathleen’s family only uses two of their three garage spaces and her… Continue reading