Monthly Archive: August, 2011

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia and Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

When my foot touched the ground in Wilmington, Delaware it marked a personal milestone:  I could finally say I’d visited all 50 states.  How does one celebrate such an achievement?  By stopping at McDonald’s for a… Continue reading

Swan’s Island and Acadia National Park, Maine

I picked up my buddy Phil and his seven-year-old son Sam at the Boston airport.  Phil’s wife Cathy, unfortunately, had to stay back in the Bay Area, but the rest of Phil’s extended family – all… Continue reading

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio and Niagara Falls, Canada

A ski resort.  Power lines.  A golf course.  A railroad.  Residential houses.  I don’t associate any of those things with our country’s majestic National Parks.  And yet Cuyahoga Valley National Park had them all.  Often… Continue reading

Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota and Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

Conservative talk shows, evangelical preachers, and time-warp music:  the big three of Midwestern radio.  On the drive from Kansas to northern Minnesota I heard bands I hadn’t thought about in years.  Who still listens to Dexys… Continue reading

Denver, Colorado and Prairie Village, Kansas

“Any weapons or alcohol?” asked the U.S. Customs agent.  When I said no he just waved me through.  It took no longer than five seconds.  A single male arrives from Colombia after spending… Continue reading