Monthly Archive: January, 2011

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Day 1 – Marangu Entrance Gate (1,970m) to Mandara Hut (2,700m) At dawn on the first morning of my Kilimanjaro trek I stood on the roof of my hotel and watched the first… Continue reading

Moshi, Tanzania

I took a bus from Kampala back to Nairobi, stopping just long enough to arrange a ride to Moshi, Tanzania.  Along the way I met one interesting American after another – Lars, a… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Part 3

The afternoon of my last full day in Queen Elizabeth National Park I took a boat tour of the Kazinga Channel.  I didn’t expect much.  I thought maybe I’d see a few hippos… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Part 2

The Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of several places in Uganda where tourists can see chimpanzees in the wild.  Andrew and I had stopped there the previous afternoon to… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Part 1

Andrew and I drove from the mountainous agricultural land around Kisoro down into the broad savannas of Queen Elizabeth National Park.  Little children waved at us and yelled “Mzungu!” (the Kiswahili word for… Continue reading

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

I woke before dawn, too excited to sleep.  If all went well I’d be kicking off the New Year by high-fiving mountain gorillas.  Breakfast was mercifully quick, and Andrew and I left Kisoro… Continue reading

Kisoro, Uganda

The night before leaving on my mountain gorilla tour I met Andrew, my driver for the next five days.  He was extremely nice and I liked him right away, but within a few… Continue reading

Kampala, Uganda

The night bus from Nairobi to Kampala sounded almost luxurious:  air conditioning, lots of leg room, and reclining seats that the marketing brochure described intriguingly as “leatheroid.”  I’d reserved a window seat near… Continue reading

Lolomarik Farm, Kenya, Part 2

Our second day with Gordon and Vanessa promised to be as interesting as the first.  The Murrays had invited Zannah and me to join the family on a trip to Samburu National Reserve,… Continue reading

Lolomarik Farm, Kenya, Part 1

So far Zannah and I hadn’t managed to stray from Kenya’s well-established tourist trail – Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, the coast.  But now, thanks to friends of Zannah’s parents, we were about to… Continue reading