Monthly Archive: December, 2010

Masai Mara, Kenya, Part 2

Our second day in the Masai Mara began inauspiciously.  I woke up early to take a shower, only to find the water in the bathroom was a disconcerting shade of dark yellow.  And… Continue reading

Masai Mara, Kenya, Part 1

We spent most of Zannah’s second day in Nairobi figuring out our plan for the rest of her trip, and early the following morning we left on the first leg of our newly-created… Continue reading

Nairobi, Kenya

Relying on just-in-time research, as usual, I didn’t learn that Nairobi’s nickname is “Nai-robbery” until the day before my flight.  The Lonely Planet guidebook can be a little alarmist, so I took its… Continue reading

Jaisalmer, India

Marie and I thought we had plenty of time to get from Ranthambore to Jaipur, where we would catch the night train straight to Jaisalmer.  We made no effort to hurry and didn’t… Continue reading

Ranthambore National Park, India

Rain began to fall during our long drive from Agra to Ranthambore National Park.  “Isn’t this the dry season?” Marie asked Raju. “Yes, not normal,” he confirmed.  Someone later told us the last… Continue reading

Agra, India

Marie and I suspected that our plan for the day might be a little ambitious.  We hoped to fly from Goa to Delhi, then immediately catch a night train that would deliver us… Continue reading

Goa, India

Bad weather delayed my flight out of Kathmandu so long that I missed my connecting flight from Mumbai to Goa.  When I landed in Mumbai I tried to hurry through customs on the… Continue reading

Kathmandu, Nepal (Second Visit)

I had only one goal when I returned to Kathmandu after my trek:  get a travel visa for India.  And get it quickly.  Marie was scheduled to arrive in Goa on the morning… Continue reading

Trekking near Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, Nepal, Part 3

Day 7 – Swanta (2400m) to Kindu (2350m) back to Swanta (2400m) We started our morning by saying goodbye to Tato and Ursus.  They both had to leave early to catch flights in… Continue reading

Trekking near Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, Nepal, Part 2

Day 4 – Bsailiksarka (3600m) to Khopra Ridge (3660m) Clouds prevented us from seeing the mountains when we first reached Bsailiksarka, but the sky cleared overnight and the views before dawn were incredibly… Continue reading