Monthly Archive: November, 2010

Yangon, Myanmar (Second Visit)

Buses in Myanmar are unpredictable.  The odds of an incident-free trip are low.  And that’s under normal circumstances – in bad weather, a problem is all but guaranteed. When I boarded the night… Continue reading

Bagan, Myanmar, Part 2

Without getting out of bed, I knew from the sound of rain outside my window that the sunrise on my second morning in Bagan would be washed out.  Once again Tim and I… Continue reading

Bagan, Myanmar, Part 1

In a stroke of good luck, the once-a-week boat from Mandalay to Bagan happened to be leaving exactly when I wanted to make the trip.  As we pushed off at 6am on Monday… Continue reading

Mandalay, Myanmar

I didn’t sleep at all on the 12-hour night bus from Inle Lake to Mandalay.  Every time I started to nod off, the bus hit a bump that almost launched me out of… Continue reading

Inle Lake / Nyuangshwe, Myanmar, Part 2

Early Thursday morning I met my betel-chewing boat driver, BD, in the pre-dawn dark.  We walked to the docks that line the narrow channel running south from Nyangshwe to Inle Lake.  Our boat… Continue reading

Inle Lake / Nyuangshwe, Myanmar, Part 1

The pick-up truck from Shwenyaung junction dropped me off in front of the Nyuangshwe guest house I’d chosen, and – despite the fact that it was 6am – a cheerful receptionist checked me… Continue reading

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Many travelers refuse to visit Myanmar.  In 1999, Burmese Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi gave a frequently-cited interview in which she asked foreigners to stay away from her country.  I chose to… Continue reading